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            Pine View School                   

                        February 28, 2020


Monday – Wordly Wise 12 Test!

Tuesday – Mad Minute & Listening Tests

Wednesday – Spelling pre-test; Math Superstars due

Thursday - March 5th, Verb Grammar Test

Image result for heart clip artFriday – Spelling Test, T.T. and Envelope Signed


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We have had a great week celebrating Presidents and reading about historical events.  The students continue to progress through their literature learning.  We are still reading Holes.  This book has a lot of details and new vocabulary to review.  The students are enjoying the book and piecing together the mystery along the way.  AR record sheets will be checked Tuesday, March 10 for their total of 10 points to earn their total points for the quarter for the AR movie day.  All quarter 3 book reports are due on March 10th, as we will need additional time to present the book reports before the quarter.  Please be sure to send in your child’s report by March 10th.  We will present on Wednesday for those not able to present on Thursday, and after the Spanish Pointe field trip, once we return.  Ruby Lavender is our next   literature book, and this will begin in quarter 4.

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Congratulations to these students who earned 100% on their spelling: Eric Mattison, Paloma Sirriani, Kai Parks, Sanvi Doshi, Sophie Saldadze, and Leo Chen. The verb Grammar test will be on Thursday, March 5th.  Be sure to study!


                                     MATH Image result for ruler clipart

We are working on the unit 7 with fractions.  The test will be next Thursday, March 5th, and an online practice on Go Math will be posted today and can really help with practice for these skills! We will move into our Volume II book, with Chapter 8 next week.


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We are beginning our study of Plants and Animals.  We will explore plants through seeds and growth of flowers.  Our animal portion will be researching an animal of choice.  The test for this topic will be posted in next week’s Tucak Times, as we work through the unit.

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Thursday, April 9th, we are planning our big day with visiting a simulation of Ellis Island with the entire grade 2 classes! I will need 5 volunteers to help in my classroom on this morning from 9:00 AM to 11:45 AM.  I would like to set up a meeting ahead or time, so we can plan for our big day!  Our room is designated as the Medical Station.  The children will dress up as an immigrant from their country.  The children chose a country that they preferred, and it listed on the paperwork with the parent letter.  Students will need a costume from their country, items to put in their “suitcase” (pillow cases will be provided), and they will also receive passports in class for their day of immigration to Pine View America!  We hope to have a great adventure and the students seem very excited about this project!

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We will be attending a field trip to Spanish Pointe on March 11t.  All students need to bring a bag lunch.  Any parents who plan on attending may meet us at the entrance gate.  We also will be attending another field trip to a dentist office on March 30th.  This is free field trip and the permission slips need to be returned on Monday.  They are in the Friday Folder today.

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March 10 – Book Reports Due


March 11 – Spanish Pointe Field Trip & Quarter 3 book report presentations- End of Quarter book reports


March 12 – No school- professional day!


March 13 – March 22 – Spring Break – No School!


March – 30 – Dentist Field Trip




April 9: - Immigration Day!

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Feb. 28, 2020

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